Assessment tests for HR & management consultants

As a new consultant with only a few years in the field, or a seasoned practitioner  with decades of experience, you need tools to help your clients handle their business, whether large or small. Resource Associates provides a wide range of comprehensive assessments created by top experts in the fields of industrial psychology, human resources, and organizational psychology.

An old adage is a company is made of people. And your clients may be at the point where they must hire the best candidates quickly.

Our tests are valuable tools for your arsenal, enabling screening of potential job hires before an interview even takes place. RA’s personality and aptitude tests provide feedback about a candidate’s job fit, attitude, enthusiasm, and aptitude for a position. By providing great potential employees to your clients, you create a profound service — one that will help your clients’ businesses thrive, grow, and prosper.

Your clients’ success will be your success, enabling you to build upon or continue a successful relationship with them.

Easy-to-use assessment testing

Resource Associates offers powerfully-effective personality & aptitude tests created by top credentialed professionals in the field, in a format that is easy for job candidates to use and for employers to understand.

Resource Associates tests are quick and easy to use — they are purchased and taken online, and the results are e-mailed back to the Hiring Manager. And although we have more than 100 tests for different jobs and aptitudes, our staff of industrial psychologists can handle your unique and exact requirements by creating a test that meets the needs of the company and the position.

You can rest assured that the tests we offer provide sound feedback and are based on proven scientific measures. We can cite more than two decades of research proving our tests select great performers who enhance productivity and profit, which does the following:

  • Avoids costly hiring mistakes
  • Reduces employee turnover by fitting the right candidate to the right job
  • Improves future training program results

A leader in the field of assessment testing

We are pleased to note of our hundreds of direct clients, many come back to us time and again to aid their hiring processes. Resource Associates provides an easy and efficient testing system, a broad range of options for test types and reporting, valid tests that meet EEOC guidelines and in-depth, easy-to-understand reports providing the information needed to make informed hiring decisions.

We pride ourselves on providing ready access to testing experts (PhD holders who are leaders in the field of personality and aptitude testing) who offer advice and customized test approaches. They are available to those who join the Resource Associates Program for new consultants or experienced consultants.

Resource Associates — Two Decades of Validated Employment Test Research

We offer more than 30 years of validated selection test research and more than 100 technical reports and peer-reviewed journal articles. Some have been published in:

Journal of Applied Psychology | Journal of College Student Development | Journal of Information Technology | Learning and Individual Differences | R&D Management | Research in Higher Education

Language Support for pre-employment tests

All pre-employment assessment tests are available in English and Spanish.