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The Internet has transformed our lives. The political world seems to be experiencing one revolution after another. The rising generation of millennials seems to have radically different values than their parents and grandparents had. Modern technology has deeply affected entire industries and revolutionized how we do business.

And yet, the basic foundation of business hasn’t changed in thousands of years.

At its most basic, business is still people dealing with people.

Seeing as how that’s the case, it makes sense to do everything in your power to ensure that your team is filled with the best people around.

Part of that is:

  • Good leadership and working to motivate people.
  • Training your employees.
  • Developing an intelligent interviewing and hiring process.

Another part is making sure that the pool of job applicants that you spend time interviewing are top-notch candidates that could fit in well with your team and deal professionally and appropriately with your clients.

When you or your hiring manager take time out of a busy schedule to interview a potential new hire, you want to be confident this applicant is likely to make your team even better than it already is.

Taking the time to interview several people who don’t deserve to be considered for your team costs time, money and possibly other valuable resources as well.

High quality assessment tests can do for you what the SAT/ACT does for colleges. Within a very short period of time you can get a good idea of whether or not a job applicant has the personality to be considered for a spot on your team.

Obviously, the test doesn’t tell you everything. You still need to be diligent in the interview process. You will still need to train new employees in unique company processes and procedures.

It makes sense, however, to use high-quality assessment tests as an initial filter so that you’re only spending time, money, and resources on the best applicants available.

Testing: Before or After The Interview?

Some people seem to prefer using assessment tests after already interviewing people. However, there are two problems with this approach.

First of all, it’s less efficient and more expensive. After all, interviewers, whether they are managers or other staff, don’t work for free.

For the most part, it makes more sense financially…

…to pay for a cost-effective assessment test for each candidate and then to interview fewer people…

…than it does to interview more people and then only test a small amount of applicants.

(Note: At least this is true when using high-quality, yet reasonably priced assessment tests like those offered by Resource Associates. Click here to learn more.)

Second of all, during an interview, a hiring manager will likely form certain opinions about the candidate.

And, as the saying goes, first impressions last a lifetime.

After forming opinions about the candidate during the interview, the hiring manager may be tempted to ignore the results of a test if they don’t confirm the opinions that the hiring manager has already developed about the candidate.

A major point of testing is to save time in the interviewing process by trying to weed out anyone who isn’t the best of the best. This only works if you test before the interview.  Even if it were just as helpful to test after the interviewing process, you probably won’t believe the results of the test when compared with your own opinion!

In other words, there’s little use in testing after the interview. You’ll already have lost much of the benefit and at that point you may not believe the test anyway.

It’s worth mentioning that both your opinion of a candidate AND their test scores are worth taking into consideration. Neither one necessarily invalidates the other. That’s why it makes sense to use the test at a time when you’re most likely to be objective about its results.


A high-quality assessment test is an extraordinarily valuable tool in the hiring process. The best time to make use of this tool is before you start interviewing job candidates.

This allows you to save time by trying to ensure you are only interviewing the best of the best… the people that will add the most value to your team.


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