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If you want to have a happy, productive team, then you must always do your best to ensure that you are hiring smart, hard-working employees who have the potential to fit in well with your company. The cost of hiring a bad worker is far too great to ignore. Using pre-employment tests can help increase your odds of finding good, if not great, employees.

So, scientifically validated assessments like the ones we offer should absolutely become a vital part of your hiring process…

… with the operative word being PROCESS.

In other words, expecting to hire the right person solely based on the results of a pre-hire assessment test is simply not realistic, or recommended for that matter. Hiring a new team member should include a significant amount of thought, diligence and most importantly, evidence.

A good hiring process will likely include some, or all, of the following:

  • A detailed (and accurate!) job posting
  • A scientifically validated personality assessment test (and perhaps also cognitive aptitude test for best results)
  • A careful review of test scores
  • A thorough and thought-provoking interview
  • Sample tasks or role play scenarios during which the applicant can demonstrate their ability
  • Introduction to and evaluation by other team members
  • A careful reference and background check

High-quality pre-employment testing is a VERY important piece of the hiring process; it can identify a poor fit candidate when an interview or reference checks may not. We freely admit that it is just one piece of the process, however, and it should be used in combination with the other components. Using all of the above elements, and any other steps you may need that are specific to your business or industry (i.e. certification / licensing checks), will make up a systematic and thorough hiring process that will help improve your chances of making a great hire.

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