First-Time / New Customer Questions

Q: Do you have a demo test?
A: Yes, you can test drive a demo of our testing system by visiting this page: System Demo.
Q: Can I try a sample test?
A: We’re happy to provide a single sample test to first-time visitors as a way to evaluate if our testing system is right for them. Please click here to contact us and request a sample test.
Q: Can I see a sample report?
A: Absolutely. Our Full Test List shows all of our available tests in alphabetical order, and you can click the “View Sample Report” link to view a sample report of any test. Click here to view our full pre-employment test list.
Q: How do I set up a new account?
A: First-time customers set up new accounts as part of purchasing a test. As you walk through the test purchase & checkout process, you’ll get to a step that allows new customers to set up their account. To view our login and account set up screen, click here.

General Testing Questions

Q: How many times can I use a test that I have purchased?
A: Once. Each username is only valid for a single test.
Q: How long do the tests take to complete?
A: Test completion time per candidate varies greatly. Some stand-alone timed aptitude tests are as short as 5 minutes. Personality sections are untimed. Some tests that include aptitude and personality sections could take up to 1 to 2 hours to complete.
Q: Can I put a time limit on the test?
A: You may want to give the candidate a specific date to have the assessment completed. That may help clarify their level of desire to work for you.

Resource Associates has timed sections for a majority of aptitude tests. Personality sections, however, are always untimed.

Q: Are the tests multiple choice?
A: Tests are primarily multiple choice.  There are short answer / sentence completion sections in some managerial personality tests.
Q: Do you have tests in other languages?
A: Our tests are available in Spanish. A few select assessments are available in French and Arabic.  We are currently creating a Japanese option also.

To access the Spanish version of a test: When you are getting ready to login as a candidate, there is a drop down box that allows you to select the test language.

Q: Can I get a hard copy of a test?
A: Hard copies of tests are discouraged as they take more time to process and are more expensive due to the additional time needed for our staff to process the results manually.
Q: Are the usernames and passcodes case sensitive?
A: No. The usernames and passcodes are NOT case sensitive.
Q: How does my candidate know where to go and what to do?
A: You will receive a URL link along with the username. Once the candidate is on the web site, instructions and guidance will be provided as they complete each step.
Q: Should candidates take the test from home?
A: For practical reasons, most individuals do take our tests at home. This typically does not reduce the validity of the tests. However, some candidates may seek help from other sources when completing some portions of our assessment batteries, especially the cognitive aptitude tests. Accordingly, some companies require that candidates come into their office to take the tests so that there is no possibility of them getting extra assistance or their answers not reflecting their own thinking. We make the following best practice recommendations for companies who let job candidates take our tests at home:

a) Advise the candidate that your company highly values integrity and professionalism both on the job and in the pre-employment testing process. Accordingly, you expect individuals who take the tests at home to do so without seeking any outside assistance from other sources.

b) Also, have the candidate read, sign (electronic signature is fine), and return to you a document that says “I have not obtained, nor did I seek out, any assistance whatsoever from other people (or any advice or tips from anonymous online sources) in completing the items on this inventory (i.e., test). My answers are strictly my own.

c) When examining the cognitive test results for an individual, look for evidence from interviews, resumes, reference checks, work portfolios, or academic transcripts which either confirms the high test scores or makes you suspicious. For example, if a person scores in the Top 10% range on the overall cognitive aptitude section and has a C grade-point-average or GPA (i.e., 2.0 on a 4.00 scale), you should do follow-up targeted interviewing and /or reference checking to try to resolve the discrepancy. There may be a plausible explanation (e.g., the candidate had a chronic illness or a heavy, full-time workload while going to school) for the discrepancy or it you may decide not to hire the candidate or you may require him/her to retake the cognitive portion under your supervision.

Common Candidate Questions

Q: Can job candidates purchase their own tests?

Resource Associates' strictly limits sales of our pre-employment tests to company owners or their representatives. We do not sell directly to job applicants. Also, because we work exclusively for the hiring organization, we do not release test results directly to candidates, nor do we offer consulting services to candidates. You will need to contact the hiring company for help finding an appropriate testing source.

Q: Can I study for the test?

A: Studying is not necessary and in many cases not possible given the nature of our tests.  Most of the scales used in our assessments are personality-based, to help determine if someone would be a good fit for a specific job within the company.  Any skills questions represent the most basic knowledge required for the position; studying would have little influence on these items.

Q: How can I get a copy of my own report someone had me take?

A: Resource Associates does not release any candidate test results. The test report is owned by the hiring company and is, therefore, company property. You may want to contact the hiring company for feedback on your results.

Q: Does this test automatically make me eligible for the position I am applying for?

A: Not necessarily. Hiring managers are recommended to use pre-employment testing as one part of the overall decision-making process, which can also include structured and unstructured interviews, background checks, work history, biodata, etc. Contact the hiring manager at the employer you are applying at for more information about how testing is used in the hiring process.

Q: Do the tests differ for men vs. women?

A: Resource Associates' test questions and scoring procedures are exactly the same for men and women. The tests ask you to select your gender only in order to use appropriate pronouns--for example, "he"/"she"  or "him"/"her") in the report and to permit future, group-level analyses for EEO and other comparative purposes. We recognize that other gender categories such as transgender or intersexual may necessitate the use of other pronouns which we will use as companies request them. If you choose not to designate your gender, the report will default to male pronouns.

It should be noted that there are no significant differences between men and women on test scores for nearly all of the traits and aptitudes assessed by our measures.

Q: Do I need to contact someone when I have completed the test?

A: No--unless your hiring manager has requested that you let them know when you complete the assessment, there is no need to contact them. They will receive an email notification when you complete your assessment.

Q: Are the usernames and passcodes case sensitive?

A: No. The usernames and passcodes are NOT case sensitive.

Answers for Technical Issues with the Testing System

Q: My login won’t work, what should I do now?
A: If your login will not work you will receive 1 of 2 messages:

1) Your login attempt was unsuccessful. If you feel you’ve received this message in error, please try again.

This message means some part of the username or passcode is incorrect. Possibly an ‘I’ instead of a ‘1’, or ‘O instead of a ‘0’. Sometimes it helps to select the text of the username and ‘copy-(Ctrl+C) and paste-(Ctrl+V)’ the information into the box. Repeat the process for the passcode.

2) Your account has been disabled–this is usually because your assessment has been completed.

This message means you have the correct username and passcode, but it has already been used by another candidate. Please contact the hiring manager and request new login information.

Q: Are the usernames and passcodes case sensitive?
A: No. The usernames and passcodes are NOT case sensitive.
Q: Can I take the test on my phone/tablet?
A: Technically, you can take the test using a phone or a tablet, but we do not recommend it. The text may be very difficult to read. We are currently working on an application that will make that option easier.
Q: Why is someone else’s name is already typed on the first page?
A: If someone else’s name is already included on the first page of the assessment, please stop and contact the manager that gave you the login information to let them know you need a new test.
Q: What if the internet goes out during a test?
A: Once the Internet connection is reestablished, you can log back into your assessment with your original information. Please note – when you log in, you will be placed at the beginning of the assessment again. Your responses have been saved. Please scroll forward to the first answered question.
Q: Should I get a confirmation that the test is complete?
A: Before the assessment is considered complete, you will see a screen that tells you:

You have reached the end of the assessment. Please click on the “Submit Assessment” button to complete the assessment.

The assessment will not be considered complete until it has been successfully submitted to Resource Associates. Once you select the “Submit Assessment” button, you will be returned to the login screen. Your assessment is complete and the hiring manager will be notified immediately.

Questions About Pre-Employment Testing & Resource Associates

Q: Is this only for big companies?
A: Not at all–very small (e..g., 1 employee) and very large (e.g., >10,000 employees) companies use our tests for many different jobs.
Q: Can I get a customized test for my business?
A: Yes, we can create custom tests! Click here to begin building your custom test online now. Or, if you prefer, you can contact customer support by email at or by phone at (865) 579-3052 to discuss your specific needs.
Q: Is this a pass/fail type of test?
A: While the results are scored and a general recommendation is given, it is up to the hiring manager to make the final decision.
Q: How many different types of tests do you offer?

A: We offer hundreds of personality assessments, which can be combined into many different combinations of traits, aptitudes, and skills. Please look at our  website ( or request a catalog for more specific information.

Q: Is there a lot of overlap between tests?
A: There can be overlap between tests. Personality tests vary more in the way in which they are scored rather than the questions. Basic skills can be relevant for multiple positions as well. Typically, a candidate would take a single test that contains only sections that are relevant for the position for which they are applying.
Q: Why should I use both cognitive aptitude and personality measures in assessing candidates?
A: Both serve as valid predictors for different aspects of job performance. They measure different qualities of candidates. A convenient way to think about this is  cognitive aptitude tests measure “maximal performance” (a person’s maximum capability) whereas personality scales measure typical performance (how a person typically behaves on the job).
Q: How valid are personality scales?
A. They are job-related and valid. Meta-analyses (involving many individual, empirical studies) and our own studies have shown that personality traits are predictive of job performance, quality of work, turnover, attendance, accidents, and even job and career satisfaction for a wide range of jobs.
Q: What jobs are your scales valid for?
A.  All kinds–we have yet to find a job for which our scales have not found to be valid and useful in screening candidates. Many of our scales–including Work Drive, Emotional Stability, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Teamwork, and cognitive aptitude–are valid for nearly all jobs.
Q: Do people's scores change much over time or situation in which they take the items?
A: No–most of our scales measure traits (personality and aptitude) which do not change significantly from early adulthood onward. They are fairly stable across situations and over time.
Q: Are these assessments expensive?
A. No. Our clients typically find these pre-employment assessments to be very cost-effective, especially in view of the high  cost of  interviews,  physical exams, drug testing, and training, as well as the higher cost of subsequent, post-employment turnover and absenteeism. Most of our clients use testing to screen job candidates and decide which ones to interview, perform background checks on, etc.
Q: What website do candidates take the test through?

A: Tests purchased through the website will take the assessment at the following URL:

Q: Do you have an affiliate or reseller program?
A: We do, and we love to build relationships with new affiliates & resellers! We work with affiliates & resellers directly to make sure the program meets their business needs. Please call (865) 579-3052 to discuss the program with a Resource Associates representative.

Test Purchase & Pricing Questions

Q: Do you offer bulk discount pricing?

A: We offer discounts for bulk purchases of 10 tests or more. Our discount schedule is as follows:

Tests purchased at one time

Discount Level


No Discount


10% Discount


15% Discount


20% Discount


25% Discount


30% Discount

1000 and up

35% Discount

These volume discounts are automatically applied in your cart when a certain quantity is ordered!

Q: How do I buy a test?
A: You can purchase tests online with a credit card at  Companies have the option of receiving invoices for payment if there is sufficient quantity or an ongoing relationship.
Q: Do you require contracts or written agreements?
A: No. All of our tests are purchased on-demand, whether that is a single test or thousands of tests at a time, and customers are only charged for the tests they purchase. Some testing providers require contracts that charge you for more tests than you will use, or lock you in to monthly fees. We have created our product to help customers avoid that pricing model. We offer subscriptions as a way of decreasing testing cost, but they are not required to use our testing system.
Q: Do you offer subscriptions?

A: We offer subscriptions on a case-by-case basis to qualifying organizations needing a higher volume of tests on a regular basis. A subscription is not, however, required to use our testing system, and tests can still be purchased one-at-a-time as needed.

Q: What purchase options are available?

There are three options for purchasing Resource Associates pre-employment assessments:

  1. On demand, 24/7, Point-of-Purchase sale (credit card payments only; available for bulk purchase discounts)
  2. Invoiced purchases (certain conditions apply; please contact customer service for more information)
  3. Annual flat-rate subscriptions (certain conditions apply; please contact customer service for more information)
Q: What are payment options for invoiced purchases?

If you’d like to be invoiced for your purchases, invoice payments can be made using the following methods:

  1. Credit card
  2. Business check
  3. Electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  4. International Wire Transfer (a $30 fee per transaction will apply.)
Q: Are these assessments expensive?

A. No. Our clients typically find these pre-employment assessments to be very cost-effective, especially in view of the high  cost of  interviews,  physical exams, drug testing, and training, as well as the higher cost of subsequent, post-employment turnover and absenteeism. Most of our clients use testing to screen job candidates and decide which ones to interview, perform background checks on, etc.

Q: Do I still have unused tests?
A: You can find unused assessments in the Customer Administration Portal on our website.

Questions About Test Reports and Results

Q: Why didn't I get a test report?
A: Reports are delivered by email immediately upon test submission by the test taker. If you believe you are missing a report, here are some possible reasons:

  • Reports went to your SPAM/Junk folder.
    • Reports are delivered from immediately upon completion/submission by the candidate.
      • Check your SPAM folder for report
      • Add the domain to your ‘Never Block’ domain list.
    • The candidate has not completed the assessment in its entirety.
      • All sections of the assessment must be completed before it can be submitted for scoring and report generation.
      • Once all sections are completed, the candidate must select ‘Submit assessment’ to trigger report delivery.
        • Check the test link to see if you can log into the test. If you can log in, the test is either incomplete or complete but never submitted.  Our recommendation is have the candidate log back in and submit the assessment for themselves.  Otherwise, you can submit the test for the candidate (not recommended) to receive the report.
        • If your attempt to log in returns the following message: Your account has been disabled–this is usually because your assessment has been completed.  The test has been submitted and a report has been generated. You can retrieve the report from your account within the Customer Portal.
      • The Email address associated with the report delivery is incorrect or missing.

        Still Can’t Find A Report?  Send an email to with as much of the following information as possible.

        • Your Name
        • Your Email Address
        • Your Phone Number
        • Company Name
        • Email Address Associated with Company Account
        • Candidate Name(s)
        • Test Name(s)
        • Candidate Login Information: Username and/or hyperlink
        • Any Additional information you may have
Q: How do I get a test report?
A: Reports will be delivered immediately to the email address setup during the purchase. They are normally attached in the email as a PDF.  You can also find reports in the Customer Administration Portal on the Resource Associates website.
Q: When should I get a report?
A: You will receive the report immediately after the candidate selects the “Submit” button on the final page. If you do not receive a report but the candidate has notified you that the test was completed, or a length of time has gone by and you believe it should be complete, call Resource Associates for help at (865) 579-3052.
Q: Can more than one person receive the report?

A: Yes, selecting the report delivery email addresses is part of the checkout process. The email address associated with your account is shown by default. You can elect to replace the default email address with another and you can add additional emails at this time as well.

Q: Should we give a copy of the report to the candidate?

A: We recommend companies not release managerial reports to candidates. We do, however, have a Developmental Feedback report available for purchase. For most tests, these can be purchased for an additional cost of $45.

Q: Can I get a report from the purchasing site?
A: Yes, if the test has been completed, you will be able to download the report from Customer Administration Portal on the Resource Associates website.