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Satisfied Clients

Client Testimonials

Adam H. DeFrancesco, CEO, OMNI Systems

The Resource Associates pre-employment assessment tests have made a significant improvement to the overall effectiveness of our hiring process at OMNI Systems. Prior to using the RA assessment OMNI’s success at identifying employees that “fit” into our company culture...

Sheri Redelman

We have been working with Resource Associates for over ten years now. They have always been helpful with identifying the best testing criteria for our company. They are always quick to respond to any requests. We utilize their on-line as well as hard copy testing...

Kim Thistle, Hiring Manager

We use both the Pattern Series of Abstract Reasoning and the Entry Level Worker Aptitude Battery (Mechanical and 3-D Reasoning, Visual Inspection) as part of our pre-screening for all potential hires. Using these has been very beneficial in helping us determing...

John, Operations Manager

My company started using RA assessments in our hiring process early in 2016 and quickly made the assessment a standard part of our interview process. We even developed guidelines for internal use specifying minimum scores in various areas of the test results for a...

Dan Holloway, VP Human Resources & General Affairs

I have had the pleasure of working with Resource Associates for 20+ years. The level of customer service and professionalism has always been top-notch. Through proper statistical analysis, I have been able to verify the true value of their products, which in the end...

Al Pirie, Human Resources

In my role in Human Resources, I’ve used Resource Associates to conduct pre-employment assessments for more than 25 years — including during two “green field” automotive plant start-ups. My experience is that the assessment reports are an excellent predictor of...