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Essential Jobs and Services

  • Maintenance Technician Test

    Maintenance Technician Test

    Maintenance Technicians with the right skills can be found with this online job test.
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  • Home Health Nurse Test

    Home Health Nurse Test

    Find top home health nurses via personality & aptitude testing.
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  • Security Guard Test - Pre-Employment Test

    Security Guard Test

    Find diligent, hard-working candidates who have strong moral character and ability to h...
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  • Nurse Practitioner Test

    Nurse Practitioner Test

    Find the right candidate for Nurse Practitioner positions - one who is great with patie...
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  • Online Pre-Employment Nurse Test

    Nurse Test

    Our nursing pre-employment test helps you assess the qualities of a nurse candidate for...
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  • Patient Care Technician Test

    Nurse Assistant / Patient Care Technician Test

    Hire the best patient care technician / nurse assistant using pre-employment personalit...
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  • Cashier Math Test

    Cashier Math Aptitude Test

    This pre-employment math test for cashiers finds candidates qualified for the job.
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  • Truck Driver Test

    Purpose: This online aptitude and personality test goes above and beyond helping you fi...
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  • Online Construction Worker Test for Hiring

    Construction Worker Test

    Hire hard-working construction workers with the right attitude.
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  • Basic Math Skills Test 3 - Fractions Test

    Basic Math Skills III / Fractions Aptitude Test

    Use this pre-employment math test to find hires skilled in basic math with fractions.
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  • Basic Math Decimals Skills Test

    Basic Math Skills II / Decimals Aptitude Test

    Use pre-employment math testing to hire for open job positions with this basic math apt...
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  • Basic Math Skills Test 1 - Arithmetic Test

    Basic Math Skills / Arithmetic Aptitude Test

    Enhance your pre-employment testing with our basic math aptitude test.
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  • Entry Level Basic Skills Test

    Entry Level Basic Skills Aptitude Test

    This test ascertains if workers can understand basic questions in American English and ...
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  • Mechanical Reasoning Aptitude Test

    Assess a candidate's understanding of basic physical and mechanical principles and the ...
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  • Inventory Stocking Aptitude Test

    Identify candidates who are accurate and will do well in inventory stocking positions.
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  • Build Your Own Custom Test

    Use the PSI if you cannot find an exact match for the job you seek to fill. This all-pu...Learn More
  • Personal Style I Assessment Test

    Use the PSI if you cannot find an exact match for the job you seek to fill. This all-pu...Learn MoreADD TO CART$25.00
  • Personal Style II Assessment Test

    This comprehensive test finds candidates who learn quickly, can handle a large info...Learn MoreADD TO CART$35.00
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