Adam H. DeFrancesco, CEO, OMNI Systems

The Resource Associates pre-employment assessment tests have made a significant improvement to the overall effectiveness of our hiring process at OMNI Systems. Prior to using the RA assessment OMNI’s success at identifying employees that “fit” into our company culture and possess characteristics crucial to the individuals success in that role was at best – sporadic. We know strongly rely on the RA assessment to assist us in identify both the candidates potential strengths and development concerns and use the suggested follow up questions provided through the assessment to further probe these areas. OMNI has had significant and sustained success in extending the tenure of the associates we now hire utilizing RA and improving the overall quality of candidates we attract to our organization both in hourly and salaried positions. In fact, I would say incorporating the RA assessment into our recruiting efforts is the most beneficial additions we have made to our recruiting process in our 30 year evolution from start up to middle market manufacturer.