John, Operations Manager

My company started using RA assessments in our hiring process early in 2016 and quickly made the assessment a standard part of our interview process. We even developed guidelines for internal use specifying minimum scores in various areas of the test results for a candidate to be considered for hiring. We have purchased about 100 assessments in total.

We find that some candidates seem personable in an interview but score low on Agreeableness, Teamwork, or another critical attribute. Some candidates have very low reading comprehension and therefore would struggle to comprehend and follow standard operating instructions.

We had a very “grumpy” employee leave the company and within a week ask for their job back. We had them take an RA assessment and interestingly he scored the lowest on Agreeableness! That was a great validation of the assessment. One of the highest cognitive aptitude scores we have seen is from an employee who is the most eager and the fastest learner in our shop – another strong validation for the assessment.