911 Operator/Emergency Dispatcher

Find new employees who can provide courteous, timely service in a high stress environment.

Pre-Employment Test

Purpose: The 911 Operator/Emergency Dispatcher Test screens for maximum effectiveness in roles where core duties involve responding to requests for emergency and non-emergency assistance. It can be used to help select future employees for 911 Operator and Emergency Dispatcher roles who can problem solve, learn quickly and make decisions using established protocols. In these roles, stress tolerance, interpersonal communication abilities and a commitment to customer service are best-fit traits.

About This Test: This test will take most candidates approximately 20-30 minutes. It consists of 2 parts:

  • An untimed personality assessment
  • A 12-minute timed General Reasoning Test

What the Report Gives You: A graphical display of personality trait scores, feedback regarding strengths and developmental concerns, explanation of aptitude results and suggested interview questions.

Testing Process:

  • Immediate score report upon completion.
  • Proctoring desirable but not required.
  • The use of mobile phones is discouraged.

Options: Contact us to learn how we can customize the test content for your hiring process or the way information is presented in the report to meet your specifications.

Target Group: We recommend using this test for positions such as Public Safety Dispatcher, Police Department Dispatcher, Law Enforcement Dispatcher, Communications Clerk, Telecommunications Officer or Call Center Associate, among other dispatcher-type roles tasked with fielding public safety emergency and non-emergency requests.

Need Personality Only?

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Sample Personality Item:

For the statement 
on the left
I feel very strongly about it
I feel it describes me most of the time
I can’t decide between the two statements
I feel it describes me most of the time
I feel very strongly about it
For the statement 
on the right
I put forth a great deal of effort at work because my real passion is my career.
I come to work and do what is asked of me, but my real enjoyment in life is when I go home.
Sample Questions for General Reasoning Test

Sample verbal reasoning item: House is to dwelling as car is to ___________.

(A) transportation
(B) traveling
(C) speed
(D) automobile
(E) mechanical

Sample numerical reasoning item: Which comes next in this series? 3 6 9 19 22 25

(A) 118
(B) 128
(C) 98
(D) 124
(E) 144

Sample logic item: Assume the first two statements are true.

  • All job candidates have to take a pre-employment test.
  • Some of the people in the room are job candidates.
  • All of the people in the room will have to take pre-employment tests.

Is the last statement: (A) True
(B) False
(C) Uncertain

(Sample questions differ from actual test appearance and do not contain real test content.)

The 911 Operator/Emergency Dispatcher Evaluates:

Less Desirable Behaviors Test Content Desirable Behaviors
Slow to learn, needs simple tasks General Reasoning Quick learner, solves problems
Argumentative, contentious Agreeableness Easy to get along with, amiable
Timid, lacks courage to confront subjects Assertiveness Willing to offer opinions and debate different options
Fails to live up to promises Conscientiousness / Dependability Dependable, reliable
Not service minded Customer Service / Responsiveness Enjoys serving people
Overreacts to stress, gets upset easily Emotional Stability / Resilience Calm, level-headed, handles stress well
Unfeeling, uncaring Empathy Relates to others’ feelings
Easily overloaded with social stimulation Extroversion Enjoys a lot of social involvement at work
Lacks enthusiasm, may give up easily Optimism Cheerful, “can-do” attitude
Doesn’t want to coordinate with others Teamwork Orientation Able to coordinate and work cooperatively
Does the minimum Work Drive Willing to go the extra mile


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