Accounting / Bookkeeping Math w. Excel

Test potential accountants & bookkeepers with this specialized online math test.

Pre-Employment Test

Purpose: The Accounting & Bookkeeping Math Test evaluates a candidate’s skills in basic bookkeeping, accounting principles, and use of Excel spreadsheets. This aptitude test is appropriate for candidates going into a bookkeeping or entry-level accounting job where the new hire is expected to bring some basic skills into the job. It is a quick measure of ability and useful to inform your hiring decision.

About the Accounting & Bookkeeping Math Test

About the Test: This untimed test consists of arithmetic problems, word problems, and items requiring interpretation of a spreadsheet.

High Scorers: Candidates scoring high on this test will be able to take on basic tasks without much supervision, and they will move quickly to learn new accounting tasks specific to your company.

Low Scorers: Candidates scoring low on this test will need a great deal of new employee orientation and training. They will not be able to function on their own without guidance.

Sample Questions for Accounting & Bookkeeping Math Test

What is the decimal version of ¼?

(A) .40 (B) .44 (C) .25 (D) .14 (E) .60

If the Operations Manager wants to bring in an Engineer at 120% of the top salary range of $70,000, what would the job offer total?

(A) $75,000 (B) $82,000 (C) $84,000 (D) $105,000

What employee had the greatest sales in March?

(A) Kisha Jones (B) Sarah Bates (C) Total (D) Joe Smith (E) James Proud

(Sample questions differ from actual test appearance and do not contain real test content.)


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