Accounting / Bookkeeping Math

Ensure that your candidate has the basic financial math skills they need for the job.

Pre-Employment Test

Purpose: The Accounting / Bookkeeping Math Test evaluates a candidate’s ability to perform accurate calculations related to basic financial math by assessing their knowledge of percentages, decimals and fractions.

About the Accounting & Bookkeeping Math Test

About the Test: The Accounting / Bookkeeping Math Test can help you find candidates who are comfortable and proficient with math operations commonly used in entry level accounting and bookkeeping tasks. This test should be used when employees need to accurately perform simple calculations in their jobs to achieve minimum-threshold performance.

High Scorers: should perform the quantitative aspects of their job more rapidly with a minimum of mistakes. They are likely to catch on quickly to the various math operations that the bookkeeping and accounting tasks of the job require.

Low Scorers: are likely to make a lot of mistakes in their work, thus causing problems with financial record keeping. Low scorers will have a hard time dealing with the everyday math functions associated with the accounting and bookkeeping aspects of the job, both during and after job training, They are more likely than high scorers to make repeat errors.

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Time Limit: Untimed

Recommended for: The Accounting / Bookkeeping Math Test is recommended for entry level finance assistants, administrative assistants, bookkeepers, accounting assistants, accounts payable or accounts receivable, AP/AR staff, office managers or for any position where you need to know an employee’s level of math skills and areas of deficit, especially when financial math is a central skill to successful performance.

Sample Questions for Accounting & Bookkeeping Math Test

What is the decimal version of ¼?

(A) .40 (B) .44 (C) .25 (D) .14 (E) .60

If the Operations Manager wants to bring in an Engineer at 120% of the top salary range of $70,000, what would the job offer total?

(A) $75,000 (B) $82,000 (C) $84,000 (D) $105,000

What employee had the greatest sales in March?

(A) Kisha Jones (B) Sarah Bates (C) Total (D) Joe Smith (E) James Proud

(Sample questions differ from actual test appearance and do not contain real test content.)


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