Clerical Work Sample Aptitude Test

Hiring office/clerical? Utilize this clerical work aptitude test to ensure the best candidates.

Pre-Employment Test

Purpose: Our popular Clerical Work Sample Test is a pre-employment typing test that requires the candidate to search for specific information from a page of complex set of data, then type in the information in an accurate manner onto a template on the computer. This test should be used to evaluate if candidates are capable of quickly searching for information, then remembering it long enough to type it in a new location. We recommend using this test for positions such as bookkeeper, administrative assistant, inventory control personnel, shipping & receiving clerk, accounting personnel and finance clerk.

Special Instructions: In order to answer the questions for this online test, candidates must have access to a paper-based source of information. Therefore, when candidates begin the testing process, there will be a place for them to download a PDF file with this information in it. Candidates then need to print the file so that they will have those pages available while answering the test questions.

About This Test: This is a 5-minute timed test.

What the Test Report Gives You: Aptitude scores and interpretation guidance.

High Scorers:Candidates scoring high on the test are quick to complete administrative tasks and do not make many errors.

Low Scorers:Candidates scoring low on the test are somewhat slow in completing their work and they tend to make more errors than expected. Low scorers may not be very familiar with using computer keyboards.

Testing Process: Online aptitude testing provides immediate reporting. Proctoring is desirable but not required.

Sample Questions for Clerical Work Sample Test


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(Sample questions differ from actual test appearance and do not contain real test content.)

Select Validity Information: The Clerical Work Sample Test was content validated based on an extensive job analysis for warehouse personnel in a manufacturing company distribution center. Materials used in this test come from actual employee work activities but is not company specific. A benchmark analysis (n ~ 30) was conducted to establish the scoring formula with subject matter expert judgments used in setting cutoffs.


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