Inventory Stock Picking Test

Identify candidates who are accurate and will do well in inventory stocking positions.

Pre-Employment Test

Inventory Stock Picking Test for hiring warehouse employees

Purpose: This test serves as a measure of clerical speed and accuracy, plus it has high face validity for job candidates.

When to use it: This test is appropriate where employees have to use a small amount of judgment in locating stock numbers from inventory. High scorers are usually fast and accurate in how they perform their work. Those scoring low tend to be slow in locating stock from inventory and/or they tend to make more mistakes.

About This Test: A timed 4-minute Inventory Stock Picking test

Target Group: We recommend using this test for many warehouse, inventory, and production associate positions.

Time Limits: 4 minutes

Sample Questions for Inventory Stocking Test

Below are four sample questions. For the particular part number, you must identify in what bin you would find that part using the table.

Part Number






(Sample questions differ from actual test appearance and do not contain real test content.)

Select Validity Information: This test was validated in two different studies: One with production workers who also worked in a warehouse picking stock and one with warehouse workers. On average, validity coefficients are learning ability (r=.34**); reasoning / problem solving ability (r=.29**); skills competence (r=.27**); productivity (r=.24**); and overall supervisor rating (r=.26**).


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