Maintenance Technician Test

Maintenance Technicians with the right skills can be found with this online job test.

Pre-Employment Test

Purpose: This online aptitude & personality test will help you identify maintenance technician candidates with the intelligence for handling complicated mechanical tasks and a cooperative and friendly attitude who are stable and dependable, communicate well, and use their time productively. When people come to you saying they have specific expertise and education, our test can help you evaluate whether they have the skills to back up their claim.

More about the Maintenance Technician Test

About the Test: The Maintenance Technician test has 7 parts and takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

  • An untimed personality test
  • A timed pattern series test of general abstract reasoning
  • A timed math for industry test (8th grade level of competency)
  • A timed mechanical reasoning test
  • A timed reading comprehension test (8th grade competency level) presenting scenarios typical of an industrial setting
  • A timed 3-D reasoning test
  • An untimed Technical Drawing for manufacturing settings test.

What the Report Gives You: A graphical display of scores of areas covered (see chart), explanation of aptitude results, list of strengths and developmental concerns, and suggested interview questions.

Testing Process: Online personality testing provides immediate reporting. Proctoring is desirable but not required.

Options: Contact us to learn how we can customize the test content for your hiring process or the way information is presented in the report to meet your specifications.

Sample Personality Item:

For the statement 
on the left
I feel very strongly about it
I feel it describes me most of the time
I can’t decide between the two statements
I feel it describes me most of the time
I feel very strongly about it
For the statement 
on the right
People at work would say I focus on the upside of plans and downplay the possibility of problems.
People at work would say I always focus on what can go wrong.
Sample Question for 3-D Spatial Reasoning Test

How many blocks is the X touching?

(A) 4 (B) 3 (C) 7 (D) 6

Sample Question for Math for Industry Test

What is the weight of a case of 10 mufflers if each muffler weighs 32 pounds?

(A) 320 (B) 32 (C) 3200 (D) 10 (E) None of the above

Sample Question for Mechanical Reasoning Test

Which system will allow the 50 lb. crate to be picked up with the least effort?

(A) System A
(B) System B

Sample Question for Pattern Series of Abstract Reasoning Test

Sample Question for Reading Comprehension Test

What percent of engine wear is caused by idling a cold car?

Because only a little lubrication is flowing and the metal parts rub against each other.

Sample Question for Technical Drawing Test

What is the height from the base to the center of the circle?

(A) 2.5000 (B) 2.6500 (C) 2.6250 (D) none of the above

(Sample questions differ from actual test appearance and do not contain real test content.)

The Maintenance Technician Test Evaluates:

Maintenance Technician Pre-Employment Test


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