Perceptual Speed and Accuracy Aptitude Test

This test, PERCEPTUAL SPEED AND ACCURACY, asks candidates to compare sets of alphanumeric characters. We also offer CLERICAL SPEED AND ACCURACY, where candidates compare sets of last and first names. To see Clerical Speed and Accuracy instead, click here.

Pre-Employment Test

Purpose: The Perceptual Speed and Accuracy Test aims to gauge a candidate’s ability to work quickly while paying close attention to detail. They will be required to compare sets of information and identify discrepancies in alphanumeric strings, codes and stock numbers, while reading and responding quickly to each piece of information before the timer runs out.

More about Perceptual Speed and Accuracy Test

About the Test: This is a timed 7-minute pre-employment test.

Target Group: We recommend using this test for positions such as inventory control / warehouse personnel, shipping & receiving clerk, accounting personnel, finance clerk, and administrative positions.

When to Use It: The Perceptual Speed & Accuracy test will be a good predictor of potential on-the-job performance in roles that require quick thinking and accurate handling of detailed paperwork. It is a valuable tool to identify candidates who are strong in situations where both processing speed and minimizing errors are important.

What the Report Gives You: The report shows the candidate’s percentile rankings and total raw scores with items attempted and total correct. Employment candidates scoring high on the test are quick to process information, and they do not make many errors. Candidates scoring low are somewhat slow in completing their work, and they tend to make more errors than expected.

Sample Questions for Perceptual Speed & Accuracy Test


Yes       No



Yes       No



Yes       No


(Sample questions differ from actual test appearance and do not contain real test content.)

Select Validity Information: In several empirical studies, this test was significantly correlated with: productivity (r=.28**); quality (r=.21*); attendance (r=.33**); safety (r=.24*) and overall job performance in a variety of entry-level jobs (r=.31**).


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