Production Associate II Test

Test reading & math ability, measurement knowledge and personality fit. Great for entry-level or general Production candidates.

Pre-Employment Test

Purpose: Will your new hire fit the personality and knowledge needs of the open position? Don’t trust the interview alone, find out with pre-employment testing specific for the job, like our Production Associate II Test. Use any of our Online Pre-Employment Tests for Production Associates to identify candidates that demonstrate intelligence for handling complicated mechanical tasks, the ability to process complex information, and discipline to perform a series of instructions or procedures, as well as those who reflect the personality qualities to be a great addition to your team.

If you are wondering which of our seven Production Associate Pre-Employment Assessments would best meet your needs, please see the Production Associate Test Comparison Table below to help you understand the content of each one.

About This Test: This test takes approximately 60-75 minutes to complete and has four parts:

  • An untimed personality assessment
  • A timed math test (7th grade level of competency) presenting various types of math problems typical in an industrial setting
  • An untimed Measurement Math (Ruler) Test
  • A timed reading test (7th grade competency level) presenting scenarios typical of an industrial setting

What the Report Gives You: Graphical display of personality scores, a graphical display of each aptitude score along with a summary score and suggested interview questions.

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Production Associate II Test

Sample Personality Item:

For the statement 
on the left
I feel very strongly about it
I feel it describes me most of the time
I can’t decide between the two statements
I feel it describes me most of the time
I feel very strongly about it
For the statement 
on the right
No matter how busy I am, I always take the time to do careful proofing and correct mistakes.
My job is so demanding and hectic that I rarely take the time to proof my work.
Sample Question for Math for Industry Test

What is the weight of a case of 10 mufflers if each muffler weighs 32 pounds?

(A) 320 (B) 32 (C) 3200 (D) 10 (E) None of the above

Sample Question for Measurement Math / Ruler Test

Using the inches ruler below, what is the distance between point A and point B?

(A) 1/2 inch (B) 3/4 inch (C) 3/8 inch (D) 5/8 inch (E) 6/16 inch

Sample Question for Reading Comprehension Test

What percent of engine wear is caused by idling a cold car?


(Sample questions differ from actual test appearance and do not contain real test content.)

The Production Associate II Test Evaluates:

Less Desirable Behaviors Test Content Desirable Behaviors
Argumentative, critical, demeaning Agreeableness Pleasant, easy going, respectful
Says negative things about your company in public Company Loyalty Says positive things about your company in public
Fails to live up to promises Conscientiousness / Dependability Reliable, dependable
Overreacts to stress, gets upset easily Emotional Stability / Resilience / Maturity Calm, level-headed, handles stress well
Bends rules to suit own purposes Integrity / Trustworthiness Strong moral code
Sticks with tried-and-true approaches, resistant to new ideas Openness Enjoys learning and new ideas, innovative
Finds fault easily, negative attitudes Optimism / Enthusiasm Believes In positive future, good motivator
Doesn’t want to coordinate with others Teamwork Able to coordinate and work cooperatively
Does the minimum Work Drive Willing to go the extra mite


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