Supply Chain / Logistics Specialist

If you need a new SCM Specialist, this test can help you make the best possible hiring decision.

Pre-Employment Test

Purpose: The Supply Chain / Logistics Specialist Test will help you find capable employees who are responsible for making sure inventory is stored securely and moved successfully from the supplier to your customers.

When to use it: This test is appropriate to use when screening for quality-minded and customer-oriented candidates who can consistently meet deadlines, pay attention to details and keep documents and records up to date according to best practices and regulatory standards.

About this Test: The test should take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete. It consists of 2 parts:

  • 11 personality dimensions assessing important and functional traits for the job
  • A test of general cognitive aptitude (equally divided among verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning)

Target group: We recommend using this test for non-manager supply chain positions, including logistics, inventory control, SCM or purchasing assistants and specialists.

What the Report Gives You: A graphical display of trait scores, a list of strengths and developmental concerns, and suggested interview questions.

Testing Process: Online personality testing can be done from any device with a reliable internet connection. The use of mobile phones is discouraged. Test results are provided immediately.

Options: Contact us to learn how we can customize the test content for your hiring process or the way information is presented in the report to meet your specifications.

Sample Personality Item:

For the statement 
on the left
I feel very strongly about it
I feel it describes me most of the time
I can’t decide between the two statements
I feel it describes me most of the time
I feel very strongly about it
For the statement 
on the right
I prefer working in a quiet environment where I don’t have to talk to people very often.
I prefer working in a busy environment with a lot of activity and social interaction.
Sample Questions for General Cognitive Aptitude Test

Sample verbal reasoning item: House is to dwelling as car is to ____________.

(A) transportation
(B) traveling
(C) speed
(D) automobile
(E) mechanical

Sample numerical reasoning item: Which number comes next in this series? 3 6 9 19 22 25

(A) 32
(B) 35
(C) 52
(D) 15
(E) 28

Sample abstract reasoning item: Which figure would come next in the series?

(Sample questions differ from actual test appearance and do not contain real test content.)

The Supply Chain / Logistics Specialist Evaluates:


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